Don't Quit, Stay Fit

Strongman Competition


Competition Overview

This competition will consist of 5 events that will test strength and endurance ranging from deadlifts, shoulder strength, and grip. These events are selected so that all military personnel participating will be capable of completing every event in a safe manner without the high risk of injury. Proper preparation for this event is, however, crucial for success. Event weights will be split up into weight and skill level categories to ensure fairness and safety for each competitor. Novice weight groups are for very beginners who are not at a high level of weight lifting skill but still would like to participate. Although the Novice weights are light, please do not enroll just because they are easy. This competition is designed to challenge competitors to the best of their ability and to compete against others on base who are of similar skill.

See below for weight classes!

Weight Classes


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Farmer's Carry + Deadlift For Reps

● Competitors will pick up both farmers’ handles and carry the implements 50 feet. You are allowed unlimited drops during the carry.

● If you cannot make it down to the line then you will be marked by your farthest distance carried.

● Handles cannot be dragged or slid across the line. Infractions will result in the official requesting the competitor to carry the implement additional distance based on the distance the implements were dragged or slid across the line.

● Once both implements are completely over the line, the competitors will deadlift for the remainder of time on the clock.

● You must receive a down call from your official to count the repetition. Hips and knees must be fully locked out to get a down call.

● There will be 60 seconds to complete the event and highest score goes to the competitor with the most repetitions or farthest distance.

● If there is a tie, scores will be combined and divided by the number of competitors that tied.

● No straps, hooks or tacky allowed.

● Chalk and lifting belts are allowed.

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● Competitors will have 4 implements to press and they must be pressed in the order that they are in. Log Press, Single Dumbell, Keg, and Axle Bar.

● For the first 3 implements, the competitor must press each one 2 times and go all the way to the ground after each rep.

● For the last implement, the Axle Bar will be pressed as many times as possible for the remainder of the 60 seconds. Implement must go to the ground after every rep.

● All implements must be controlled down to the ground and not dropped from the overhead lockout. Failure to do so will result in a no rep.

● Competitor must show control on every rep with head pushed through to the upright position and elbows locked out to receive a down call.

● There will be 60 seconds to complete the event.

● Highest score goes to the competitor with the most reps completed.

● No straps, lifting shirts or tacky allowed.

● Wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, chalk, and belts are allowed.

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Odd object medley

● Competitors will have 75 seconds to move 4 Implements 50 feet down and alternate carrying the next Implement back 50 feet until all 4 have been carried or moved.

● If the competitor runs out of time, the distance traveled with the last moved Implement will be measured and recorded.

● Implements must be carried in order. Yoke/Fire Hose carry, Tire flips, BackwardsSled Drag, Keg Carry.

● All Implements must fully cross the line to move on to the next item. Sliding the yoke is not allowed and will result in the official requesting the competitor to carry the implement additional distance based on the distance the Yoke was dragged or slid across the line.

● Highest score goes to the competitor with the fastest time or farthest distance traveled with the most implements.

● No tacky or grip shirts allowed

● Belts, sleeves, wrist straps are allowed.

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Front hold for max time

● Competitors will pick up the implement from a standing position and the timer will start when arms are completely locked out to horizontal position even with the shoulders.

● Time will stop when the competitors arms fall below the horizontal plane.

● 1 warning from the official will be verbally issued if the arms are too high/low, or if the back is arched and not remaining in contact with the barrier.

● Timer stops when arms fall or if official calls positioning to be unsatisfactory after warning is issued.

● Highest score goes to the competitor with the longest time held.

● Implements will be determined on the day of the competition.

● Belts, chalk, and sleeves are allowed.

● No straps or tacky.

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Vehicle Arm over Arm rope pull

Rope Pull

● Competitor will sit on the tire to pull the rope.

● There will be 75 seconds to pull the vehicle 75 feet until the nose of the vehicle breaks the plane of the line.

● If the competitor cannot get the vehicle across the line then the distance pulled will be measured.

● Feet must remain on tire at all times while pulling

● No straps or tacky allowed.

● Chalk, sleeves and lifting belts are allowed.

● Vehicles will be determined at a later date.


Alternate event or Tie Breaker

Head to Head farmers hold for max time.

● In the event of an equipment failure or a tie after 5 events, tied competitors will participate in a face off max hold until one competitor drops the weights to determine the winner.

● Weights will be the same from event 1.

● Only chalk, sleeves, and lifting belts allowed

● No tacky or lifting straps.