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Our Professional Development Team (PDT) consists of our Career Assistance Advisor (CAA), MSgt Laina Angel, and our First Term Airman Course (FTAC) Lead, SSgt Sarah Bento.  Together, they focus on the following areas:

Career Counseling:
The CAA assists in the dissemination of personnel programs and any new guidance pertaining to those programs.  The CAA is familiar with current information affecting retention, retraining opportunities, and is somewhat familiar with the various commissioning programs out there.  She works with ANG and AFR component counter parts and In-Service Recruiters (ISR’s) to keep people informed of various options related to reenlisting. To make a one-on-one appointment with the CAA to discuss your career, please call 720-847-6933. 


Professional Development:
The PDT creates learning opportunities to support a variety of desired audiences.  They also encourage supervisory involvement in the education and instruction of base personnel in a plethora of topics related to various facets of Professional Development.  Part of the PDT’s responsibilities is to hold mandatory-attendance courses such as FTAC, Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Enhancement Seminars (NCOPES), Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Enhancement Seminars (SNCOPES), and Informed Decision Seminars (IDS).  Should you be identified as a mandatory attendee, you will be automatically scheduled for the appropriate course by the PDT.

They also seek out and select volunteer course facilitators who have the ability to present the information in a motivated and informed manner.  Some of the additional courses offered by the PDT are Bullet Writing, First Term Officer Course (FTOC), Airman Professional Enhancement Seminars (APES), John Maxwell – 360 Degree Leader, Retraining 101, College 101 and more.  To register for Professional Development courses, please use the SharePoint at https://usaf.dps.mil/sites/afspc-460sw/460msg/460fss/fsd/pd/SitePages/Home.aspx, or contact the Professional Development Team at either 720-847-6933 or 720-847-6300.

The CAA acts as the principal advisor to Commanders and Supervisor regarding any retention questions or issues that they may need assistance with.  They also determine local factors negatively influencing career decisions by visiting each squadron throughout the year. The information is reported back to Commanders to help assess retention trends throughout the Air Force.  Where applicable, the CAA can develop programs and opportunities to address the retention issues.

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Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8am – 4pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Federal Holidays: Closed
Bldg. 210

Contact Us

MSgt Laina Angel
DSN: 847-6933
COMM: 720-847-6933