Military Personnel Flight


The Military Personnel Flight is the strategic manager of military personnel programs for all Air Force units and some tenants, whether on the base or geographically separated from Buckley AFB.


The MPF Customer Support Section (DEERS/ID CARDS) is open 0800 to 1530 Mon/Wed/Fri and 0800 to 1600 Tues and Thurs. The MPF is located at 18401 E. A-Basin Ave, Building 606, Buckley AFB CO 80011. The MPF will be closed in the mornings on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month for training and will open at 1200 on these days. Additionally, we will be closed on all Federal Holidays and designated Family days. The following are the designated Family Days for CY20:

  • Friday, January 17, 2020
  • Friday, February 14, 2020
  • Friday, May 22, 2020
  • Monday, Friday, Jul 6, 2020
  • Friday, September 4, 2020
  • Friday, October 9, 2020
  • Friday, November 27, 2020
  • Thursday, December 24, 2020
  • Thursday, December 31, 2020

In an effort to better serve our customers and value your time, we have implemented appointments as a primary means to issue ID cards and DEERS record updates. Walk-Ins will still be welcomed and accommodated based on availability however, those who walk-in may experience longer wait times. Pin Resets and CAC Issuance/Work Stoppage will continue to be expedited to the next available machine.

To schedule an appointment:

Option 1: Please sign up through RAPIDs Appointment Scheduler (select Buckley AFB):

1. Visit:
(Copy and paste this Web address into your Web browser)

2. Select “Make An Appointment” Tab on top menu

3. Select a State: “CO”

4. Select a City: “Buckley AFB”

5. Select the “E A-Basin Street” location

6. Find a date with available times (highlighted in green).

Option 2: Call the Buckley MPF at 720-847-6990 from 0900 to 1500 during our days open below and a technician will schedule you for an appointment

Proper identification is required for all transactions. To be issued an ID card, 2 forms of unexpired identification are required for adults, one of which must be a current photo ID. CHILDREN under 18 years of age, only one form of ID is needed. (Ex. SSAN card, Birth certificate, school ID or current military ID card).

For additional guidance on ID cards such as Pre Arrival Checklist and how a Sponsor can certify the DD Form 1172 online and not have to accompany their dependent for an ID card renewal, please use the following link:

Renewal of ID/CAC Cards

Renewal of ID/CAC cards must be within 30 days prior to the expiration date. (Exception: Deploying Members with orders whose expiration date is within the dates of the deployment)

Lost/Stolen OR Confiscated ID Card

If you lost your ID card, you will need to bring a “Lost ID Report” to our office and two forms of ID.  For lost/stolen CAC cards, you will need one of the following items below in addition to 2 forms of identification, one of which must be an unexpired photo ID.  To obtain a Lost ID report, please go to the Buckley AFB Visitors Center

Contractors for ID/CAC card

Ensure your Trusted Agent (TA) has you in the TAS system. Contractors must have TWO (unexpired) forms of ID. One must be a state/government issued photo ID. If going overseas, please ensure you have your current (within 30 days) LOA.
**If this is your First CAC/ID card, please ensure you have arrangements to access the installation.  Any documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.**

Military Retirees

Initial Requirement: Retirement Orders * Reserve/National Guard Retirees: Orders/Letter transferring to Retired List and authorizing retired pay. If Medicare eligible, the Medicare Card along with the two (unexpired) forms of ID.
Turning 65 - Tricare For Life. If you are turning 65 years old and will be on TRICARE for Life, you must provide your Medicare card showing Part A along with TWO (unexpired) forms of ID.

Civilian Retirees

Civilians retiring must have SF Form 50 and have TWO (unexpired) forms of ID (No Badges). One must be a state/government issued photo ID. **Documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.**

Civilian Employees Civilians must have TWO (unexpired) forms of ID (No Badges) to receive new ID card. One must be a state/government issued photo ID.
Civilian Employees (Overseas Position) Provide DD Form 2365, SF Form 50 annotating that person is assigned to an Overseas Emergency Essential Position, and two (unexpired) forms of ID (no badges). One must be a state/government issued photo ID.

Adoption of Children Pre-Adopted State: Sponsor will need a Placement Letter for Adoption from the court in process, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card. **Documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.**

Final Adoption: Court Order, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card. **Documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.**

Incapacitated Child: Initial ID cards will need to be completed at the Sponsor's ID card office. For renewal of any sort, you will need to have a DFAS Re-determination completed in order to be issued a new Dependent ID card. You will need to complete the DD Form 137-5 and submit it to the DFAS. Once completed, we will need the DFAS letter of approval, Dependent Military ID Card, and another valid form of identification as defined by the Department of Homeland Security.

Dependent Ward: An initial Dependent Ward application will need to be completed. Application consists of completion of the DD Form 137-7 and submission of form and all required documentation to DFAS. DFAS will mail a Letter of Approval to the sponsor.

-Once received, sponsor will need to provide DFAS Letter of Approval, Court Document placing the child in member's household, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card. (Applications can be picked up at the ID Card Section office). **Documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.**

Name Change for Children: Provide official Original/Certified legal documentation (Court Order or Birth Certificate) for name change of children. **Documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.**

Full Time College Students: Students 21 years of age must bring a letter on letterhead from the school registrar's office stating Full Time Status and Anticipated Graduation Date in an Accredited College in pursuit of an Associate Degree or higher or a printout from the National Student Clearing House containing the same information.

Parent/Parent In-law Enrollment: An initial Parent/Parent In-Law application will need to be completed. The application consists of the completion of the DD Form 137-3 and submission of form and all documentation to the DFAS. DFAS will mail back the Letter of Approval to the sponsor.

-Once received, provide the DFAS Letter of Approval, Sponsor Birth Certificate, Parent Birth Certificate, Parent's Photo ID, and Social Security Card.

For renewal of any sort, you will need to re-accomplish the DFAS application process, obtain another Letter of Approval in order to be issued a new Dependent ID card. (Applications can be picked up at the ID Card Section Office). **Documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.


  1. The Designated Agent letter is issued to an authorized person designated by the military sponsor (or surviving spouse). This letter allows that person access to the Base Exchange, Commissary, and Pharmacy for shopping on behalf of the sponsor.

    2. This letter is only valid for one year at a time. Only one person may be designated per household. Authorization cannot be granted solely for customer convenience – an extreme hardship must exist and be validated. Dual military couples (active duty) with children in the household and single parents (active duty) with children in the household may also have a designated agent when a family care plan is in effect.

    3. Base Exchange and Commissary personnel have the right to limit purchases made in their store. Any suspicion that someone is attempting to make purchases in a fraudulent manner (for other than the sponsor and their household) may result in confiscation of the Designated Agent letter and suspension of privileges in accordance with 460th Force Support Squadron Standard Operating Procedure.

    4. The following current supporting documentation must be presented each time a letter is issued and/or renewed: Authorized patron’s presence or valid Power of Attorney: If the authorized patron is unable to be present at the time of issuance, the person obtaining the agent card must have a current Power of Attorney authorizing them to conduct actions pertaining to the military on behalf of the sponsor or surviving dependent.
      • Authorized patron’s ID card: The authorized patron is the military or retired military sponsor or the surviving dependent of the sponsor. The ID card must not be expired.
      • Letter from attending physician: When the sponsor is physically unable to shop for themselves, they must obtain a letter from their doctor stating their incapacitating condition or inability to care for themselves. This letter must be current within the year of obtaining the agent letter. This requirement does not apply to active duty military couples with children or active duty single parents with children.
  • Copy of current Family Care Plan (Active Duty only): Dual military couples or single parents with children must provide this in order to obtain a Designated Agent letter (usually in cases of deployment, unaccompanied PCS or TDY). The designated agent must be someone designated as a caregiver on the family care plan.
  • DFAS Contact Phone Numbers:
  • AIR FORCE - (317) 212-3657 or 800-525-0102
  • NAVY - 888-332-7411 (opt 2)
  • ARMY - (317) 212-1910 or 888-332-7411
  • MARINES - (703) 784-9529
  • COAST GUARD - (785) 339-3441

Other locations for ID cards on Buckley AFB include: 140th ANG (720) 847-9295, Hangar 801 Rm 224.  Naval Operations Support Center, (720)-847-7808, Bldg 1301, or to find the site near you go to RAPIDS Site Locator.

In the event you have any questions or concerns, contact the MPF Customer Support at (720) 847-6990 during our open times between the hours of 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Thank you for your cooperation

*A secure network and CAC are required to access Sharepoint

Hours of Operations

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 0800-1530
Tuesday and Thursday: 0800-1600
*Exception 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month: 1200-1530
Saturdays, Sundays, Family Days & Federal Holidays: Closed
Walk-ins Monday-Friday during hours indicated
*For enrollment/eligibility, go to*

Director, David Thompson
Bldg. 606
DSN: 847-4357
COMM: 720-847-4357