Laws of Leadership

John Maxwell: Learning the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Where: Bldg 30.  Airmen Center for Excellence
Open to everyone
This 2-day class provides fundamental skills required to facilitate (teach) a John Maxwell course, students will
discover the 21 laws that make leadership work successfully and learn valuable techniques that will help to
improve leadership ability. By incorporating these laws into your life, you are certain to transform the quality of
your leadership immeasurably.

Effective Communications

Where: Bldg. 30 | Airmen Center for Excellence
Open to everyone
Your ability to communicate effectively will take you a long way in your professional career and ineffective communication can have negative impacts to your productivity. Get the most out of your meetings, briefings, emails, tasks and daily conversations. Learn to use the right communication method at the right time in the right way.

Superintendent Seminar

Where: Bldg. 606  Auditorium
Open to all SNCOs

This two day seminar is designed to provide knowledge, awareness and skills required to serve the functions
of a Superintendent. Taught by experienced Superintendents in the field, the seminar will cover manpower
management, managing civilian personnel, professional writing, budgeting and resource management and many
other guided discussions.

Informed Decisions

Where: Bldg. 30  Airmen Center for Excellence
Open to First and Second Term Airmen who are 11 to 15 months away from their date of separation.
This informational brief is designed to assist you with making an informed decision on reenlistment or separation.
We discuss in detail the following topics: Air Force Compensation, Compensation Comparison, Retraining and
Assignments, Benefits, Promotions and Retention, Guard and Reserve options and Service Life Intangibles.