Youth Summer Camps

29 May–4 August 2023

They're Back!

Chef K Camp

29 May-2 June Cooking camp everyday a different meal. Cost is $30 per child

Tennis Camp

29 May-2 June Learning the fundamentals of the game tennis the proper swing and terminology. All the rules and regulations.Cost is $20 per child.

Treat Yourself Camp

5-9 June
A fun DIY camp of self-care making body lotions soaps and so much more. Cost is $25 per child.

Golf Camp

5-9 June
You will learn the basic fundamentals of the game. Cost per child is $25.

Crafty Cakes Camp

12-16 June
Learn how to decorate and cook delicious deserts. Cost is $30 per child.

Art Camp

12-16 June
Explore your inner artist and let your creativity shine. Cost is $30 per child.

International Cooking Camp

19-23 June
A week filled with amazing food from different cultures and countries. Cost is $30 per child.

Volleyball Camp

19-23 June
Learning the fundamentals of the game. All the rules and regulations. Cost is $20 per child.

Photography Camp

26-30 June
See the world threw a lens things from your community and nature. Cost is $20 per child.

Track/Cross Country/
Olympics Camp

26 June-14 July
Learning the fundamentals of the game. Sprinting, field events, distance running. Cost per child is $25.

Circuit Camp

3-7 July
Create stickers, tee shirts and so much more... Cost per child is $20

Field Trips

6-7 July
Join us for 2 days of exploring local communities and beyond. Cost per child is $30.

Science Camp

10-14 July
Come explore your inner scientist with fun activities and experiments. Cost per child is $25.

4-H Camp

17-21 July
Join the 4-H Program for outdoor/nature education. Cost per child is $25.

Soccer Camp

17-21 July
Learning the fundamentals of the game how to be a goalie and cool ball tricks. All the rules and regulation. Cost per child is $20.

Cooking Camp

24-28 July
Enjoy fun and filling cooking projects from breakfast to dinner. Cost per child is $30.


24-28 July
Focusing on robotics engineering biology and weather and forensics. Cost per child is $25.

Field Trips

31 July-4 August
A week filled with trips on your installation all the way to the mountains. Cost is $30 per child.

For more information, please call the Youth Center at 720.847.9992