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Dandelion Base Scavenger Hunt!

Dandelion Base Scavenger Hunt!

Join us in finding dandelions placed throughout Buckley the week of 17 – 21 April and “Bloom Where You Land!”

  • Visit Each Location
  • Take a Selfie and post all ten locations on social media
  • Participants MUST tag our Facebook page by using @460FSS and use Hashtag: #SFBDandelionHunt
  • Those without social media may email their scavenger hunt submissions to: 460.fss.fsy.schoolliaison@us.af.mil
  • The last stop is the Youth Center to put your name on our giant dandelion

Location Clues:

Hunt for the Dandelions

Thank you for participating in the Month of the Military Child Hunt for the Dandelions! During your search you will be sent to various areas on base to find the dandelion pictures.  At each location, take a picture of yourself/team and post it to the FSS Facebook page. Your last stop will be the Youth Center where you will show your pictures and then put your name on a seed for our giant dandelion.  Good luck and have fun!

  • First location we will make easy.  I am located at the corner of Aspen and Breckenridge. People decorate me to celebrate or bring awareness. I stand on solid ground.
  • We all need to take some time away to care for ourselves, this is a great place to relieve some stress and prepare for that next PT test.
  • In Colorado the weather can be unpredictable.  What makes it worse is not having the items you need.  You can get all that and more here, and the best part, no tax!
  • Sometimes we all need that person to talk to and give spiritual guidance.  They also have great community meals here.
  • Colorado has many things for people to explore and do.  At this location, you can get equipment to assist you in those outings or if you are looking to take that family vacation to popular theme parks, you can get discounted tickets as well!
  • Did you know military children move 6 to 9 times more than their civilian counterparts?  Moving is never easy but at least when you get to Buckley you can stay temporarily in this beautiful facility.
  • This is the happening place after school.  It’s also where the School Liaison has her office.  Don’t come in yet though we still have a few “hoops” for you to go through.
  • Welcome to Buckley! Is what you hear when you attend the Newcomers class this location puts on.  It can also provide support for deployed families, special education, finances and so much more.
  • Look out for Sparky, a favorite among our military kids, at this next location.  Beware though if the siren starts the “engine” will go.
  • This location is full of military children doing their thing and dedicated teachers looking out for them.  Don’t worry you have 2 locations to choose from for this clue.


Apr 17 - 21 2023


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