First Term Airmen Course

First Term Airmen Course (FTAC)

20-24 August 0720-1630 TBD
For all First Term Airmen whose first duty station is Buckley Air Force Base. Required
within 30 day of arrival on station. Courses are held once a month for 5 consecutive days.

Time Management

Time Management

15 August 0800-0930
Open to everyone. Not enough time in a day for work, family and fun? Not being as productive as you would like? This two-hour seminar will help you fit it all in and re-gain your productivity like never before! This class will help you understand why you do what you do, and when to do it. It will offer you tips on effective time management.

John Maxwell

John Maxwell: Learning the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

14 August 0800-1630
Bldg. 30 |Airmen Center for Excellence
Open to everyone. This class provides fundamental skills required to facilitate a John Maxwell course. Students will discover the 21 laws that make leadership work successfully and learn valuable techniques that will help to improve their leadership ability. By incorporating these laws into your life, you are certain to transform the quality of your leadership immeasurably

Informed Decisions

Informed Decisions (IDB) | Bldg. 606 | Auditorium

10 August 1200-1600
Required for all First and Second Term Airmen within 11 to 15 months away from their date of separation. This informational brief is designed to assist with making an informed decision on reenlistment or separation. Topics include: Air Force compensation, retraining, assignments, benefits, promotions, Air National Guard and Air Reserve options and service life intangibles. Spouses are also welcome to attend.

Enhancing Human Capital

Enhancing Human Capital: Professionalism

9 August 0800-0900 TBD
Open to everyone. Professionalism is the process of combining one’s understanding of the organization’s behavioral standards and expectations (conduct) with the often complex development required in the professions of arms. Three drivers of human behavior that determine whether or not we adhere to our values are trust, loyalty and commitment. This class will help you to see that our behaviors affect how we accomplish the Air Force mission.