Self-Evaluation of Your Leadership Style

Self-Evaluation of Your Leadership Style
15 August | 1300-1430 | Bldg. 210 | Classroom 1
Self-evaluation of your leadership style–to be the best leader (and even follower) you can be, you need to take a step back and evaluate your leadership style (maybe your actual style is different from what you want it to be). We will go over various styles (there are multiple different styles from different professionals, we will touch on some of the more well known and ones the USAF uses in PME). This course requires you to look inward, to determine how you currently lead, your strengths and weaknesses. Periodically looking inward helps to make you a better leader.


Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Enhancement Seminar (NCOPES)
12-14 August | 0730-1630 | Bldg. 210 | Classroom 1
Open to all Technical Sergeants and Staff Sergeants. This 3-day seminar is designed to augment and reinforce information taught in basic military training, technical training, ancillary training, PME and job experience.


12 August | 0900-1400 Bldg. 1032 | LDC
The workshop content walks you through underlying physiology that governs our behavior, how to master those behaviors yourself and then finishes with applications for high functioning teams. It will provide you information that improves you as an individual, and the squadron by improving team dynamics to facilitate a process-focused, higher-performing organization. It’ll also cover “The Human Operating System”, which discusses how we’re wired and how understanding this information affords us infinite control of mind, body, and performance.


Airman Professional Enhancement Seminar (APES)
9 August | 0730-1630 | Bldg. 700
140th Wing Auditorium
Open to all E1-E4 who have not attended Airmen Leadership School (ALS). This 1-day seminar will cover topics on: education opportunities, time management, bullet-writing basics, understanding the evaluation system, professionalism and a speed mentoring round at the end.

Retraining 101

Retraining 101
5 August | 0730-0930 | Bldg. 210 | Classroom 1
Open to all of Team Buckley. This course will cover all of the details on what to do should you be interested in retraining in the future. The instructor will review where to go on-line and what to look at. It will provide guidance on the best way to start the process. Supervisors are highly encouraged to attend so they can assist their Airmen in the future.