TAP – Pre-Separation Benefits Briefings

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31-07-18 08:30 - 28-08-18 12:00

Transition Assistance Program – Pre-Separation Benefits Briefings
3, 17, 24 & 31 July | 0830-1200 | Bldg. 606 Auditorium
Who: All Separating or Retiring Military Members
What: Mandatory benefits counseling for all separating/retiring personnel
Why: Congress has deemed that all separating personnel need to be prepared for life after the military. This briefing covers benefits for military veterans as well as what is required to complete the congressionally mandated TAP–GPS process to separate/retire from the military. Please call 720-847-6681 to register.

Related upcoming events

  • 11-12-19 07:30 - 11-12-19 16:30

    Newcomers’ Orientation A&FRC
    11 December | 0730-1630 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Auditorium
    *Register by 9 December
    **Required for All members new to Buckley AFB
    Integration and orientation
    Integrative course that provides presentations from multiple base agencies and off-base partners. This class is designed to educate our newest Buckley members on resources available to them as they transition to Colorado and the local area. Continental breakfast provided! Spouses are encouraged to attend. Childcare is not provided, but contact the A&FRC for possible childcare options.

  • 11-12-19 09:00 - 12-12-19 14:00

    12 December | 0900 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC | Rm. 140
    11 December | 1400 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC | Rm. 140
    *Appointment Required
    Open to transitioning members who have completed all TAP GPS requirements. Mandatory for all personnel before they final out that this is completed. During this event the DD 2958 will be completed after a thorough review of all documentation required by Congress to separate from the Military.

  • 11-12-19 10:00 - 08-01-20 11:00

    Reintegration Briefings
    2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23 & 30 December
    1000 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Rm. 140
    Open to military members returning from deployments, extended OCONUS TDYs, or remote tours. This briefing is to help members reintegrate. Mandatory for all AF AD personnel within 4 days of returning. Open to spouses, but childcare is not available (contact A&FRC for some possible options). Other returning personnel are welcome to attend.

  • 12-12-19 08:00 - 13-12-19 16:30

    Career Exploration Planning Track
    12-13 December | 0800-1630
    Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Auditorium
    All Separating or Retiring Military Members and spouses. Career Technical Training Workshop. This 2 day workshop is presented by the DoL. It provides a unique opportunity for career exploration along with identifying skills and increase awareness of training and credentialing programs.

  • 12-12-19 09:30 - 26-12-19 10:00

    Pre-Deployment Briefings
    12 & 26 December | 0930 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Rm. 140
    Briefing for members deploying, TDY 30+ days, or remote tours, Helps to prepare member and family for the deployment and connects family members with resources/helping agencies during the sustainment phase. Open to spouses as well, although childcare is not available (contact A&FRC for some possible options).

  • 13-12-19 09:00 - 13-12-19 12:30

    Buckley Base Tour
    13 December, 0900-1230; Register by 10 December
    Tour Bus will depart Bldg. 606 parking lot
    All members of Buckley AFB who have base access. Come join us to discover new locations on Buckley AFB. Your Airmen & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) will be hosting a Base Tour for individuals new to Buckley AFB.

  • 16-12-19 08:30 - 16-12-19 09:00

    Retiree Survivor Benefit Plan Briefing
    16 December | 0830-0900 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Rm. 140
    This briefing is for members planning to retire from military service, spouses and dependents. SBP Briefing is to assist retiring members with making the best decisions for their family after their death. Receive information that helps them make a decision prior to retirement to provide another source of income.

  • 18-12-19 09:30 - 18-12-19 12:00

    – Heart Link –
    Spouse Networking Lunch
    18 December 0930-1200 | Building 606 Auditorium
    Open to Military Spouses. Have you ever wondered why people stop driving at 1700 or how to use your TriCare benefits. Please join us for an introduction to Buckley AFB and the military life.

  • 19-12-19 13:00 - 19-12-19 14:00

    PCS with Ease
    19 December | 1300-1400 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Auditorium
    Required for all Service Members who have not PCS’ed within the last 4 years (not to include 1st duty assignment), who have had a significant life changing event (ex. marriage, children), who have less than four years of service and who are experiencing their first OCONUS assignment. PCS preparation pre-departure services for members to make informed decisions. Helping agencies include finance, TMO, A&FRC, medical and more ***Do not wait for your orders to sign-up for brief. This brief is only offered once a month, please schedule at least the month prior to your PCS.

  • 20-12-19 07:30 - 20-12-19 12:00

    Commander’s, First Sergeant’s &
    Superintendents Orientation
    20 November | 0730-1200 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Auditorium
    *Register by 18 November
    Orientation for newly arrived Buckley Leadership. Provides AFI required briefs from numerous base agencies to First Sergeants, Chiefs, Superintendents, Senior Civilians and Commanders new to Buckley AFB or new to the senior leader position.

  • 20-12-19 08:00 - 20-12-19 12:00

    Bundles for Babies
    20 December | 0800-1200 | Building 606 | A&FRC Rm. 140
    Active Duty Members, Guard and Reserve on orders as well as their spouses who are expecting a baby. To determine eligibility for new parent bundle please call 720-847-6681.
    Integrative course to educate expectant parents. Soon to be parents will receive information from multiple on and off base agencies regarding infant care, safety, fitness during/post pregnancy, financial preparedness and more.