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06-12-17 17:30 - 18:30

Know Before You Go

Cost: Free
Location: Panther Den
Know Before You Go  is a free avalanche awareness program. Not much science, no warnings to stay out of the mountains and no fromulas to memorize. In 1 hour, you will see the destructive power of avalanches, understand when and why they happen and how you can have fun in the mountains while avoiding avalanches.

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    21-23 September - CANOE CAMPING
    Escape into nature on this 3 day, 2 night camping trip! Outdoor Rec is packing watercraft to access an isolated boat-in only camp site at Horsetooth Reservoir. After rowing in our gear, we will have some time to enjoy the peace before exploring the reservoir.
    Cost: $120 | Uniformed Military: $80
    Includes: Transportation, campsite, equipment, guide and 6 meals
    Location: Horsetooth Reservoir | Ft. Collins, CO
    Minimum Age: 12
    Departs: 21 September 0600
    Returns: 23 September 1800

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    29 September - HORSEBACK RIDING
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    2, 15 & 30 September
    Find the perfect hand hold on an Outdoor Rock Climbing Trip! One of our instructors will take you to some crags that you will enjoy. On this trip you can learn the basics of rock climbing or get some practice in.
    Cost: $50| Uniformed Military: $25
    Includes: Equipment, guide, transportation and lunch
    Location: Clear Creek Canyon, CO | North Table Golden, CO | Boulder Canyon, CO
    Minimum Age: 14
    Departs: 0600
    Returns: 1500