Initial Tuition Assistance Briefings

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20-03-18 08:30 - 02-04-18 09:30

Initial Tuition Assistance Briefings

7 and 20 March | 0830-0930 | Bldg. 606 | RM 106B
This briefing is required for all first time Active Duty/AGR Air Force tuition assistance users. It will cover the use of tuition assistance and the members responsibility in the process.

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  • 26-09-18 07:30 - 17-10-18 08:30

    Initial Tuition Assistance Briefings
    Every Wednesday | 0730-0830 | Bldg. 606 | RM TBD
    All Active Duty and Active Guard Reserves are required to attend this mandatory briefing prior to using the Air Force Tuition Assistance (AFTA) for the first time. This briefing covers the use of TA and the member’s responsibility in the process. Please contact the Education and Training Office to sign up for this briefing at:
    (Except holidays and down days).