Initial Tuition Assistance Briefings

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30-01-19 07:30 - 13-02-19 08:30

Initial Tuition Assistance Briefings
16 & 30 January | 0730-0830 | Bldg. 606 | RM TBD
All Active Duty and Active Guard Reserves are required to attend this mandatory briefing prior to using the Air Force Tuition Assistance (AFTA) for the first time. This briefing covers the use of TA and the member’s responsibility in the process. Please contact the Education and Training Office to sign up for this briefing at

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  • 22-01-19 17:30 - 19-02-19 21:30

    ENG103A: English Composition (Formerly ENG 102A)
    8 January - 5 February
    This course focuses on the effective use of the English language and exploration of rhetorical models in written composition. Structure, purpose and audience awareness in developing essays is addressed. Class is held at Buckley AFB Tuesday nights from
    1730-2130. This class fulfills CCAF English Composition class.

  • 24-01-19 08:30 - 24-01-19 16:00

    Higher Education Track
    24 January | 0830-1600 | Bldg. 606 | RM 106B
    This briefing is for transitioning Service Members. Members pursuing college education will receive guidance on how to prepare for the college application process. It addresses such topics as identifying educational goals, education funding and researching and comparing institutions. Members MUST attend TAP-GPS with A&FRC before attending.

  • 12-02-19 17:30 - 19-03-19 21:30

    HUM 101A: Creative Arts
    12 February - 19 March | 1730-2130 | ALS Bldg. 30
    Fulfills CCAF Humanities requirement
    This course provides an introduction to our humanity through hands-on experience in the arts (music, visual arts, poetry, story, play and dance). Aesthetic and artistic values in the broader context of human cultural development. responsibility and joy are explored. Class is held at the Airmen Leadership School.