Flight Commander and Flight Chief Seminar

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26-09-19 07:30 - 28-09-19 09:30

Flight Commander and Flight Chief Seminar
25-27 September | 0730-0930 | Bldg. 210 | Classroom 1
Open to all new ans established flight commanders and flight chiefs across Team Buckley. This 3 day seminar is designed to provide a learning environment to discuss some of the pertinent issues and programs that flight leadership will likely work with on a regular basis. It will also prepare flight leadership to tackle their new duties and role within the organization.

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  • 21-02-20 09:00 - 21-02-20 11:00

    Bullet Writing
    21 February | 0900 – 1100 | Bldg 210 | Classroom 2
    Open to ALL Team Buckley members, no rank restrictions. Do you have writers block when it comes to writing bullets? This class will teach you how to take that pile of information and sharpen it into a bullet that even your Chief would approve of! The skills of bullet writing will be taught and then put to practice in some writing exercises.

  • 21-02-20 14:00 - 21-02-20 15:30

    Leadership Style Evaluation
    21 February | 1400-1530 | Bldg. 210 | Classroom 1
    Open to all of Team Buckley. To be the best leader and even follower, you need to take a step back and evaluate your leadership style. Maybe your actual style is different from what you want it to be. In this course, we will discuss various styles of leadership-some you know and some you may not. We will ask you to look inward and determine how you currently lead and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Periodically looking inward helps to make you a better leader and this
    is a good starting place.

  • 24-02-20 07:20 - 27-02-20 17:00

    First Term Airmen Course (FTAC)
    24-27 February | 0720-1700 | Bldg. 210 | Classroom 1
    For all First Term Airmen whose first duty station is Buckley Air Force Base. Required within 45 days of arrival on station.
    Courses are held once a month for 4-5 consecutive days.

  • 28-02-20 11:00 - 28-02-20 12:00

    Retraining 101
    28 February | 1100-1200 | Bldg. 210 | Classroom 1
    This course is open to anyone interested and supervisors are highly encouraged to attend so they can assist their Airmen in the future. This course will cover all of the details on what to do should you be interested in retraining in the future. The instructor will review where to go Online and what to look at. It will also provide guidance on the best way to start the process.