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September 12
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    GPS Workshop

    07:30 -16:30

    GPS Workshop
    9-13 September | 0730-1630 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Auditorium
    *Pre-Separation Counseling is a pre-requisite for this class
    Open to all separating or retiring military members. Mandatory 5-day workshop for transitioning personnel. Congress has deemed that all separating personnel need to be prepared for life after the Air Force. This class covers financial preparedness, military to civilian skills crosswalk, job search, resume writing, interviewing, VA benefits and a small job fair. Pre-separation counseling is a per-requisite for this class.

    Pre-Deployment Briefings

    09:30 -10:00

    Pre-Deployment Briefings
    12 & 26 September | 0930 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Rm. 140
    This entails briefings from numerous agencies in order to help prepare members for deployment.

    PYS 102A: General Psychology

    17:30 -21:30

    PYS 102A: General Psychology
    27 August-1 October
    Fulfills CCAF Social Science requirement
    This course provides an overview of the field of psychology, including psychological principles, methods, theories, and research broadly applied to various domains within the scope of psychology as a field. Topics from the biological basis of behavior to social applications for psychology are included. Class is held at the Airman Leadership School Bldg. 30 Tuesday night’s 1730-2130.