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August 1
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    Self-Development Workshop

    11:00 -13:00

    Self-Development Workshop
    1 August | 1100-1300 | Bldg. 210 | Classroom 1
    Self-development feels like a modern buzzword; some of us do not even know how to effectively apply self-development principles. But, what if there was something to help you understand and apply the knowledge gained through self-development to reach your next level of achievement? The Self-Development Workshop is a 2-hour session designed to help individuals become the best version of themselves personally and professionally. Whether you have a career goal in mind or desire to improve aspects about yourself, this course can help you design a plan of action that will give you that needed nudge to make your goals become reality.

    PYS 102A: General Psychology

    17:30 -21:30

    PYS 102A: General Psychology
    27 August-1 October
    Fulfills CCAF Social Science requirement
    This course provides an overview of the field of psychology, including psychological principles, methods, theories, and research broadly applied to various domains within the scope of psychology as a field. Topics from the biological basis of behavior to social applications for psychology are included. Class is held at the Airman Leadership School Bldg. 30 Tuesday night’s 1730-2130.