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May 26 - June 01
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    Presidents & Precedents

    10:00 -12:00

    Presidents & Precedents
    28 May| 1000-1200 | Bldg.347 | Conference Room
    We invite everyone interested to join us for a discussion on our first three presidents, the decisions they faced and the constitutional precedents set during their time. You will learn some fascinating history and how certain views on governmental roles became established. Can we tell you how to defend the Constitution? No, but we can tell you the different ways our founders and our first citizens attempted to. Can we tell you what we feel is threatening our Constitution? Absolutely not, but we can tell you about some of the greatest threats to it in our nation’s infancy and the effects that they had. Can we tell you how to approach these issues in the workplace while following AFI 1-1 and AFI 51-902? Well, yes.

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    Come discover locations on Buckley AFB

    09:00 -10:00

    Come discover locations on Buckley AFB
    31 May | 0900 | Tour Bus will depart Bldg. 606 parking lot
    *Register by 29 May
    Open to all members of Buckley AFB. Come discover locations on Buckley AFB, featuring “Behind the Fence” among varies other key locations around base.

    Hops & Hoppers

    15:30 -21:30

    Hops & Hoppers
    31 May · Aurora, CO
    Spend the evening playing an exciting game of paintball followed by dinner and beers at a local brewery.
    Cost: $50.00 | R4R: $25.00
    Includes: Transportation, equipment, entry free, 500 rounds of paintballs and dinner
    Minimum age: 18 (21 and older to drink)
    Departs: 1530
    Returns: 2130

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    Whitewater Rafting Intermediate

    08:00 -14:30

    Whitewater Rafting Intermediate
    1 June or Sunday 2 June · Idaho Springs, CO
    Join ODR for a morning of whitewater rafting Clear Creek. Clear Creek is a steep, narrow, technical river that is both challenging and fun, and nestled in a historic mining valley where beautiful Colorado scenery complements your exciting adventure! Two dates are available for this trip.
    Cost: $70.00 | R4R: $40.00
    Includes: Transportation and guided tour
    Minimum Age : 18
    Departs: 0800
    Returns: 1430