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  • 01

    Informed Decisions

    08:00 -12:00

    Where: Bldg. 30  Airmen Center for Excellence
    Open to First and Second Term Airmen who are 11 to 15 months away from their date of separation.
    This informational brief is designed to assist you with making an informed decision on reenlistment or separation.
    We discuss in detail the following topics: Air Force Compensation, Compensation Comparison, Retraining and
    Assignments, Benefits, Promotions and Retention, Guard and Reserve options and Service Life Intangibles.

  • 02

    Superintendent Seminar

    07:30 -16:30

    Where: Bldg. 606  Auditorium
    Open to all SNCOs

    This two day seminar is designed to provide knowledge, awareness and skills required to serve the functions
    of a Superintendent. Taught by experienced Superintendents in the field, the seminar will cover manpower
    management, managing civilian personnel, professional writing, budgeting and resource management and many
    other guided discussions.

  • 02

    Pre-Deployment Briefings

    09:30 -10:30

    Where: Bldg. 606  Conference Room
    Who: Open to Military Members preparing for deployment, extended OCONUS TDY or remote tours
    What: Briefing from numerous agencies to help member prepare for deployment
    Why: Mandatory for all AF AD personnel prior to departure. Open to spouses, child care is not available (contact A&FRC for possible childcare options). Other departing personnel are welcome to attend. Please call 720-847-6681 to register.

  • 03

    Youth Recognition Banquet

    17:30 -19:30

    When: 3 November |1730-1930
    Where: Youth Programs Bldg. 350
    Who: All Members
    What: Celebrate all of our youth who have been recognized as a 2016-2017 Youth of the Month or Teen of the Month.
    Cost: Free

  • 04

    Army vs Air Force Football Tailgate

    09:00 -18:00

    Cost: $90 | Single Service Members: $50
    Includes: Guide, transportation, lunch, equipment and ticket
    Location: Air Force Academy, CO
    Departs: 0900
    Returns: 1800
    Minimum Age: 13
    Join us for the one and only Army vs Air Force game. We will be taking everything you need to tailgate, so all you need is
    yourself. Enjoy the game and a pre-game tailgate with none of the concerns of planning, setup, cooking or driving!