30 November - 12 December

Play | Win | Smile

12 Days of Virtual Activities

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There will be ONE lucky winner for each game and HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES!

Tell your friends, play with the family, share the posts and let’s have an AMAZING time!

The Games Begin 30 November!

The Day Before: "The Gift of Giving"

Wednesday, 30 November

We would like to kick-off the Reindeer Games with “The Gift of Giving!”
Share your Thanksgiving Dinner pictures with us or what you are thankful for in the comments of the post.
Bonus points for sharing a photo!

Day 1: "Santa's Sleigh"

Thursday, 1 December

Santa works hard on keeping his Sleigh up and running. We know you do too! 
Comment a picture of your “Sleigh” (car) current or dream car and you could win prizes to help keep your “Sleigh” up and running!

Day 2: "Art 2C" On Havana Street

Friday, 2 December

It’s time for the Scavenger Hunt for Art2C!
Participants must visit Havana Street Aurora and take a selfie with their favorite works of art. These include amazing public sculptures at various locations.

Visit the link below to learn more about these pieces and their locations.
Those who cannot get out to take a selfie with the artwork can visit: https://onhavanastreet.com/category/art/
Choose a piece and tell us why it is your favorite!
Only one piece is required for entry.

Day 3: "Dream of Something Sweet"

Saturday, 3 December

What is your favorite holiday treat?
Show us in the comment section of the post to enter!
It can be homemade or purchased from the store.

Day 4: "Amazing Gifts"

Sunday, 4 December

Everyone loves Presents!
Show us your favorite gift you have received or have given to enter! Include a photo in the comments and tell us why it was your favorite!

Day 5: "There is Something for Everyone!"

Monday, 5 December

Eat On Havana Street!
Everyone loves food! Visit one of the many restaurants On Havana Street and show us your favorite restaurant or try something new! Comment a selfie or tell us your favorite location and item to order!

Day 6: "Treat Yo' Self"

Tuesday, 6 December

Everyone needs the gift of relaxation!
Tell us your favorite way to unwind and “Treat Yo Self!” 
Comment your favorite relaxation technique or hobby below to enter! Bonus points for pictures!

Day 7: "The Perfect Taco!"

Wednesday, 7 December

Build your perfect taco and take a photo!
Share your favorite recipe in the comments below! You could win prizes for authentic cuisines at your local restaurants!

Day 8: “International Holiday!”

Thursday, 8 December

Not all Holidays are chilly, show us the most exotic locations you have spent the holiday season! You could win amazing cuisines at your local exotic markets and restaurants!

Day 9: "Ugly Sweater Contest"

Friday, 9 December

That’s Right! Get those ugly sweaters out! Take a selfie with your most hideous holiday outfit and show us in the comments of the post to enter!

Day 10: "Tis The Season"

Saturday, 10 December

Winter is here! Are you ready for the chilly season? Tell us your favorite outdoor winter activities. You could win BIG prizes to help with your winter adventures!
Share your epic adventures in the comments of the post to enter!

Day 11: "Holiday Trivia" - No Cheating!

Sunday, 11 December

Comment your answers in the post to the following questions. NO CHEATING!

  1. In ‘The Christmas Song’ what was ‘roasting on an open fire’?
  2. In Japan, which famous fast food restaurant brand is a traditional Christmas treat?
  3. Which fruit was often found in children’s Christmas stockings in the UK and considered to be a luxury?
  4. What should be eaten on each of the 12 days of Christmas to ensure good luck for the year ahead?
  5. How many pies are purchased in the United States each year?

Correct comments will be entered into the BIG Prize drawing!

Day 12: "Holiday Traditions"

Monday, 12 December

Holiday traditions are what make the season so special.
Share your most memorable Holiday Traditions with us in the comments of the post to enter.
Photos for extra points!


  1. Only ONE Winner for Each Day!
  2. Entries are accepted until the next day’s game has been posted.
  3. Winners will be notified within 24 Hours after each Day has concluded.
  4. Winning Participants MUST have access to Buckley Space Force Base in order to claim their prize.
  5. ALL winning notifications will be sent via Facebook Messenger.
  6. Participants MUST acknowledge receipt of the winning notification within 24 Hours OR their winnings will be forfeited.
  7. Winning participants will be asked to take a photo with their prize upon pick-up, however, may decline when asked.
  8. Only ONE entry per participant will be accepted.

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