COM 110A: Oral Communication

Class Schedule for Colorado Christian University at Buckley Air Force Base
COM 110A: Oral Communication
9 January-6 February
This course provides an introduction to principles of communication emphasizing public speaking. Aspects of verbal and nonverbal delivery, speech organization and the effective use of supporting material and presentational aids are addressed. Students give several speeches designed to better equip them for future speaking endeavors.
Class is held at Buckley AFB Tuesday nights from 1730-2130.
This class fulfills CCAF Speech class.

Education Open House

Education Week

Where: Bldg. 606  RM 160
There will be an Open House at the Education and Training Office. Meet the Colorado Christian University team and register for classes.


Education Week

Where: Bldg. 606  RM 112
If you still need college level credits or want to test your way through your CCAF, use this all-day CLEP testing event! Sign up for a testing session at If you missed CLEP-A-THON, CLEP/DSST test are administered
by the Community College of Aurora on Thursdays from 0900-1100 and 1300-1500 schedule at the following:

* Session times are: 0830, 1030, 1230 and 1430.

Education Fair

Education Week

Where: Bldg. 1032 | Leadership Development Center
Interested in furthering your education? Stop by and meet
representatives from several schools to answer your questions.

CCAF Graduation

Education Week

Where: Bldg. 1032  Leadership Development Center
All are welcome to attend this important achievement in the
careers of our Airmen.