TAPS – GPS Workshop

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04-12-17 07:30 - 08-12-17 16:30

When: 4-8 December | 0730-1630
Where: Bldg. 606 Auditorium
Who: All separating or retiring Military Members
What: Mandatory 5-day workshop for transitioning personnel
Why: Congress has deemed that all separating personnel need to be prepared for life after the Air Force. This class covers financial preparedness, military to civilian skills crosswalk, job search, resume writing, interviewing, VA benefits and a small job fair. Pre-separation counseling is a per-requisite for this class.
Please call 720-847-6681

Related upcoming events

  • 20-01-18 11:00 - 20-01-18 12:30

    Hearts Apart Support Group
    20 January | 1100-1230 | Ice Skating at The Pond | Southlands Mall
    Register by 16 January
    Who: Open to EFMP families, single parents and immediate family members who has a loved one currently deployed, on a remote tour or TDY for 30 days or longer on active duty orders.
    What: Monthly family focused support event sponsored by the Mile High Friends of Military Families
    Why: Facilitates the building of personal support networks and allows interaction with fellow deployed families and spouses from all branches of service. Please call 720-847-6681 to register.

  • 22-01-18 08:00 - 22-01-18 11:00

    PCS With Ease
    22 January | 0800-1100 | Bldg. 606 | Auditorium
    Who: Open to members PCSing for the first time or experiencing their first tour overseas.
    What: PCS preparation
    Why: Pre-departure services for members to make informed decisions.
    Referral agencies include finance, TMO, A&FRC, legal and more. Please call 720-847-6681 to register.

  • 22-01-18 08:30 - 22-01-18 09:00

    Retiree Survivor Benefit Plan Briefing
    22 January | 0830-0900 | Bldg. 606 | Auditorium
    Who: Active Duty Members and spouses anticipating retirement are briefed on Survivor Benfit Plan (SBP) and how to declare or abstain from participating in this program for future income to spouse
    and dependents.
    What: Seminar setting on Survivor Benfit Plan (SBP) for AD members facing retirement from the USAF
    Why: Declaration prior to retirement must be made by AD member and spouse or a selection will be made by the Air Force which will be difficult to change after retirement. Please call 720-847-6681 to register.

  • 22-01-18 13:00 - 22-01-18 15:00

    First Duty Station Officer Personal Financial Management Class
    22 January | 1300-1500 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Conference Room
    Who: O1-O3s arriving at their first duty station are required to attend a basic personal financial management class.
    What: Financial class to include budgeting, car buying, credit and debt management and basic investments.
    Why: Mandatory by AFI-36-3009. All first-term Officers (O1-O3) will receive a financial briefing.
    Please call 720-847-6681 to register.

  • 23-01-18 09:00 - 06-02-18 12:00

    TAP–Pre-Separation Benefits Briefings
    16, 23 and 30 January | 0900-1200 | Bldg. 606 | Auditorium
    Who: All separating or retiring Military Members
    What: This briefing covers benefits for military veterans as well as what is required to complete the congressionally mandated TAPGPS process to separate/retire from the military.
    Why: Mandatory benefits counseling for all separating/retiring personnel. Please call 720-847-6681 to register.

  • 24-01-18 11:30 - 24-01-18 14:30

    Blended Retirement System Workshop
    24 January | 1130-1430 | Bldg. 606 | Auditorium
    Who: Military Members with less than 12 years of Active Duty receive information on a new retirement
    What: It combines a 20-year cliff-vested defined-benefit annuity or monthly retired pay with a defined-contribution plan that allows service members to contribute to a portable Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account that also receives government contributions.
    Why: With the introduction of the new BRS, Congress authorized a continuation pay which is provided to service members at the completion of 12 years of service for those who commit to an additional 4 years. Please call 720-847-6681 to register.

  • 25-01-18 09:30 - 08-02-18 10:30

    Pre-Deployment Briefings
    11 and 25 January | 0930-1030 | Bldg. 606 | A&FRC Conference Room
    Who: Open to Military Members preparing for deployment, extended OCONUS TDY or remote tours
    What: Briefing from numerous agencies to help member prepare for deployment
    Why: Mandatory for all AF AD personnel prior to departure. Open to spouses, child care is not available
    (contact A&FRC for possible childcare options). Other departing personnel are welcome to attend.
    Please call 720-847-6681 to register.

  • 26-01-18 11:30 - 26-01-18 12:30

    Financial Fitness Workshop – Topic: Thrift Savings Plan
    26 January | 1130-1230 | Bldg. 606 | RM 106B
    Who: Open to all who has an ID card/access to Buckley AFB
    What: Saving and Investing Seminar
    Why: Whether you want to improve on your savings habits or make your money go further by gathering simple and creative savings ideas from like-minded people. Join us to improve your financial skills and gather new ideas! Bring your lunch, network and get your financial house in order. Please call 720-847-6681 zto register.